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Presenter: Isabella Paterson

A solution that revolutionizes the relationship between a company and a client providing for the first time a live communication channel on any website

Discover how it works

The value that a LIVE brings

In just a few seconds you can open your store to thousands of people who can connect right into the action of your LIVE broadcast as well as interacting in real-time with your presenters, by asking questions and answers.


To install Inventia Live it is as simple as a Cut&Paste solution on your website. Inventia provides a complete and comprehensive consultancy service necessary to make any event a success!

Ideale per

- Launching new products
- Live tutorials
- Webinar
- Lectures


Presenters are able to see questions from the participants in real time and reply to them immediately. The maximum number of interactions is configured on the base of each client's needs.

Conversions up to 5x

Spectators who desire more specific information are invited in any instance to receive detailed and personalized information by clicking on the Private Chat button for a one-one supported experience.

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